Edit page content, add and edit basic website content, edit web sites, easier than ever with our web based interface!

The SmartWeb
Website Content Management System

website content management system website content management web site content management system images/index1x4.jpg web site content management website content manager
web site content manager website content management system website content management images/index2x4.jpg web site content management system web site content management system
web site content management system website content management
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Edit your website page content quickly and easily, even for those without the geek gene!

Have you ever asked, "How Can I Edit My Website"? With our Website Content Development & Management System, updating and maintaining your website has never been easier. Using our simple but effective website content management interface, now you can update or change any information on your website! This new technology puts YOU the website owner in control of your website.

No longer will you have to wait for your webmaster or NT tech to get around to the changes you request. You simply go to your website using any computer connected to the Internet, log on to the password protected administration area which loads your website content management system and make the changes yourself. You do not need hours of specialized training, extensive HTML coding knowledge, special hardware or equipment, just any computer connected to the internet.

Our website content development and management system and web based interface is as easy as filling out a standard online order form. Your web site content management interface is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have eliminated the need for HTM, HTML or special website coding, so you can concentrate on your business and not on learning how to maintain your web site!

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Benefits of The SmartWeb:
  • simple & easy to use
  • convert all/portions of your site
  • edit body text with one click
  • change images & backgrounds
  • no lengthy training required
  • no additional software necessary
  • no hardware to purchase
  • web hosting included
  • full unconditional warranty
  • work from home, at the office or on the road, all tools are ONLINE
Internet marketing studies indicate that effective website promotion includes the need to keep a website's content fresh. These studies suggest that search engines prefer, re-visit more often and rank web pages higher if the content changes frequently over the course of a month. If the website content remains the same or appears to be stale, they simply search for other websites with the same theme, products or services.